Jul 27, 2014
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Southern Cuisine In The Heart Of The Midwest

Customers agree the food, ambiance, and service at Dixie Kitchen and Bait Shop are way too good to pass up.

Southern Cuisine In The Heart Of The Midwest Southern Cuisine In The Heart Of The Midwest

Right in the heart of the Midwest lies a taste of the South.  Evanston’s Dixie Kitchen and Bait Shop serves Southern style breakfast, lunch, and dinner all at an affordable price. 

The restaurant mimics a New Orleans cabin with antique hunting signs, fishing gear, and lanterns lining the walls and ceiling.  There are two eating areas, one smaller area lined with mosquito nets and a larger, open area with windows on the walls. Complimented by picnic-style tables with checkered tablecloths, the restaurant atmosphere creates a perfect Southern-style home.  

“I love the ambiance,” said Northwestern student and regular customer Natassia Gutman.  “It reminds me of when I used to go fly fishing with my grandpa down in Alabama in the summers.”

Though the decorations are remarkable, Dixie’s food speaks for itself.  For breakfast, the restaurant offers eggs, potatoes, and toast, along with many other standard options. 

But nothing is typical about these breakfast meals.  Dixie’s famous Eggs Sardou with fried green tomatoes is a unanimous favorite.  Even their potatoes have a spicy, Cajun flavor, with a kick that will push you all the down to New Orleans.

“Dixie Kitchen’s service is comparable to its delicious food,” said Gutman.  “The waiters and waitresses are friendly, polite, and best of all, quick to bring out my meal!”

For more information visit their website.  

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