21 Aug 2014
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Thieves Steal Cheerios, $5.4K in Silverware

A look at weird crimes from around the Chicago area.

Thieves Steal Cheerios, $5.4K in Silverware

By Emily Stone and David MacLean

Do you fence the fish fork to the left or the right of the place where you fence the dessert fork?

Seventy-five pieces of silverware worth a combined $5,400 were stolen from a Hinsdale home.

It's important to start your day of thieving with a healthy breakfast

Four males stole seven bags of oranges and nine bags of Cheerios from an Evanston school by entering through an unlocked window.

'The best defense is a good offense' doesn't work with hit and runs

A Niles family called police to say that their white Dodge Avenger had been hit while parked overnight. The front driver's side had been damaged and red paint had been transferred onto it.

A couple hours later, a Niles man waved down an officer and pointed out his red car had damage, including white paint transfer, and the white and orange light covers were broken. Also, small red pieces which framed the light were missing. He told police he parked his vehicle at 1 a.m. the previous night and just discovered the damage. Police said he at first denied striking the white vehicle, but later admitted he did it.

Sledders try invoking 'but it looked so cool on Jackass' defense

A Lake Bluff officer responded to a report of a truck pulling people on a sled in a parking lot. The officer issued a trespassing warning and advised the people to leave the property.

Sprinkler does what rain, snow and sleet cannot

A fire alarm was activated at the Lake Bluff postal annex. Firefighters on the scene were notified that employees had accidentally turned on the water sprinkler system.

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