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What Soccer Field Are We On?!

Robert Crown and James Park Fields: Where they are and (more importantly) where to park.

What Soccer Field Are We On?! What Soccer Field Are We On?!

After a decade of taking my kids to soccer games, you’d think I’d have all the Evanston field names memorized. Yet here I am, at the beginning of another AYSO soccer season, ill-prepared for the onslaught of questions sure to arise via cell prior to a weekend game:

Me: “Hello?”

My husband: “Hey.”

Me: “Are you already at the field?”

My husband: “Uh, sort of.”

Me: “It’s Crown E.”

My husband: “I know…but…”

Me: “Just look for the coach.”

My husband: “Well, we are, but…” (child in background screams, “There’s a uniform that looks like mine! No, wait, those kids look older. Never mind!”)

Me: “Did you find them?”

My husband: “Guys, I’m trying to talk to Mom.”

Me: “You found the field?”

My husband: “No, I don’t think so.” (child in background says, “After the game, can we go to 7-11 for a Slurpee? Or Steak & Shake?”)

Me: “Are you close?”

My husband: “Guys! Please!”

Me: “Are you using your earpiece?”

My husband (wants to say, “Can you just get off your high horse and tell me where the damn field is?" but chooses wisely to say): “Just tell me this --  is it better to park on Oakton St. or in one of the lots?”

Me: “It’s at Robert Crown! Not James Park!”

My husband: “Oh, right. Okay, Crown E. Crown E. Got it. Is that the East or West side of the field?” (child overheard in background: “My game started three minutes ago...”)


To avoid catastrophes such as this, here’s the Evanston AYSO link to all fields.  The volunteer-run program, with 1,800 registered players in Evanston this year, does an outstanding job keeping kids playing. 

You can also use my catch-all guide (below), including parking suggestions. Just pull this up when you’re heading out and you’ll avoid the pre-game check-in (and possibly a marital counselor):

Soccer Field


Where 2 Park

Crown A (U06)

2 fields, SW corner along Main, east of baseball field

Main Street

Crown B (U06)

2 diagonal fields west of West Lot exit.

Main (west of West Lot)

Crown C (U06)

2 fields SW of baseball diamond on Lee St.

Lee St.

Crown D (U06)

2 fields directly west of baseball diamond on Lee St.

Lee St.

Crown E (U06)

2 fields directly north of Robt Crown Ctr

Lee St. or East Lot

Crown F (U06)

2 fields closest to Washington School

East Lot or Lee St.

Crown X (U08)

1 field immediately NW of West Lot

West lot (good luck!) or Main St./Lee St. west of Robt Crown Ctr

Crown Y (U08)

1 field directly north of Robt Crown Ctr east of Lee St. baseball diamond

East Lot or West Lot or Lee St.

Crown Z (U08)

1 field north of Robt Crown Ctr on Lee St. east of baseball diamond.

Lee St.

James 3 (U12)

South of tennis courts

Oakton St. near tennis courts.

James 4 (U12) N/A Fall 2011

Diagonal field near playground

West Lot

James 5 (U10)

Next to Levy Ctr

East Lot or Dodge Ave.

James 6 (U10)

Between tennis courts and former Recycling Ctr on Oakton St.

Oakton St.

James 7 (U12)

Diagonal field in NW, situated in outfield of NW baseball diamond

West Lot or Oakton St.

James 8 (U080 (N/A Fall 2011)

South and west of Dawes School just east of the exercise path

Levy Ctr. Or Dawes School’s West Lot

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