23 Aug 2014
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Why Is Boocoo Important to Evanston?

Will open wallets even save it?

Calling any pro bono accountants and business managers out there: check out Boocoo and offer your services.

What? Did I just say that?

Yes, I did.

Boocoo is a phenomenal anchor of culture and stability in Evanston, but it's allegedly on the brink of closing. The word from Boocoo management is that economic times are tight...but I'll report (as a parent of two kids taking music lessons there) that the place needs more than money. Boocoo needs management help. Alicia and the team are wonderful and welcoming and doing the best they can, but they'd only benefit from a guardian angel who could drop in and offer help immediately.

Boocoo's holding an event to bring attention to its plight ( click here). I encourage anyone who digs kids, culture, music, dancing, cultural awareness, socialization, and/or community involvement to stop by.

If you're already an ETHS parent, you know wh Boocoo's important.
If you attend a dance class at Boocoo, you know why Boocoo's important.
If you or your kids attend music lessons at Boocoo, you know why it's important.

And if you don't fall into any of these groups, here are some other reasons Boocoo needs Evanston's attention:

Essential location.
Devoted teachers.
Classes for all of Evanston.
A place for kids to hang.
Easy parking.

A safe haven and an anchor of culture.

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