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If Evergreen Aqua Pool Re-Opened Today, How Would You Pay?

We asked EP Patch Facebook fans whether they'd pay a per-use fee or a yearly/season pass fee to use Evergreen Aqua Park under its new leadership, and a very interesting conversation started. See what your neighbors had to say, then add your own opinion.

If Evergreen Aqua Pool Re-Opened Today, How Would You Pay?

If you've lived in the village for more than three years, then chances are you've heard of or visited Evergreen Aqua Park at 8956 S. Troy Ave. Formerly owned by a non-profit board, the property was recently sold to a man who planned on charging a daily entry fee instead of the previous bond fee. But before he opens the doors of the space, he

We asked Evergreen Park Patch  Facebook fans what you thought about the daily fee and sure enough, you sounded off, even taking the conversation to specificity over whether or not non-residents should be charged differently. Here's what you had to say:

  • Season would be better seeing as how Oak Lawn took away the Discount that they gave us in the past years. - Koestner Nettie
  • Season passes would be better - Susan Hurley Burns
  • Daily fee please - Kathryn Fera Fontaine
  • Why not offer both? - Karen Cardinale
  • Not that it is better or everyone but for me daily passes would be better. People are busy and don't want to pay hundreds of dollars to go 10 out of 100 days. - Rosemary Duffy
  • Daily pass would be great! - Mary Kay Burke
  • I would much prefer daily pass so I could go once a summer or once a week or whenever we chose and not spend hundreds only to feel like it was wasted if we only make it there 5 times over the summer. Having both choice would be good also. - Karen Wrobel
  • Daily Pass! - Mary T. Malloy Mann
  • Offering both would be great, but offering a better price to EP residents be even better! - Libby Heuss Langevin
  • I'm all for EP discount. - Rosemary Duffy
  • Daily entry with EP discount! - Katie Frigo
  • Season. - Lisa Harper Rinearson
  • Discount definitely for residents. I think both would be a nice offer but I'm leaning towards daily/weekly passes. - Donna Kelly Werner
  • Daily fee. Disc. for residents. - Laurie Mayer
  • I think we should have a choice of either a daily pass or season pass. Definitely a discount for EP residents. Anytime time frame on when it will be opening? I'm assuming since no renovations have taken place as of yet and swim season has started it won't be anytime this year. I live around the corner so please let us know the individual who purchased so we know who to call when the mosquitos get out of control and the green slimy water starts overflowing. - Christine Lopez Casas
  • Season passes help a pool owner to generate revenue up front and is not dependent on weather. I like season passes as I can pay once and not think about it again. But I think adding daily passes should also be an option. Has Mayor indicated when it might open? - Erin Feurer Taylor
  • Offer both, please! We never joined Aqua because there was only the option of the large fee and we never were able to afford that plus pay our other bills. - Gloria Vander Kamp-Kamper
  • It depends on how much the fee would be. Also, EP residents only. Unless a resident brings you in as a guest. - Trish Margewich
  • If this is a privately owned pool, why would it be EP residents only? Many others joined Aqua and paid regular annual fees, not to mention a mandatory bond fee, which made us "part owners.". We never recouped anything from that investment nor were consulted before it closed. I would happily pay a membership fee again, which would benefit the village by increasing tax revenue. Even park district run pools allow non resident memberships. - Erin Feurer Taylor
  • I would like to see it open for everyone, but perhaps a discount for EP residents, with a tiered pricing system for daily, monthly or seasonal pass. Makes is a little easier for people to decide what type of pass they could benefit the most from. - Helen Tomczuk
  • Season passes dont work for my family because of our work schedules. Some times we can go and others we cant. I hated buying a season pass and going 6 times. If they do a season pass they should at least allow EP residents a daily fee. When I was a member most of the families didnt even live in EP. Either way it will be nice to see it open!! - Kathryn Fera Fontaine
  • I think both options are GREAT! Some families may not be able to go as often as other during the summer. - Vivi Rodz
  • Do it the way alsip does. Residents can either buy a season pass or get a small discount if they come daily and in my opinion it should only be for ep residents. - Dana Usedtobpe Losiniecki
  • Season pass or punch card that you could use if using the pool intermittently - Jeannine Green-Cheatham
  • Daily passes :) Not everyone needs a season pass since some people work! - Tammy Hopf Sliter
  • Sorry, I would also prefer that it would be EP residents only. I think that giving residents guest passes would be good. That way, if you have a friend from another area, they could still come, and I would prefer a daily fee. I have my own pool, but I do know that my kids would love to go to the public pool once in a while. - Cathleen Schumaker Russell

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