Jul 28, 2014
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Nominate: Who Keeps Your Shirts Crisp and Clean?

Don't miss the opportunity to nominate where you feel is the BEST dry cleaners in town. Your preferred spot will face off against others in town for the title of the most-loved in Evergreen Park.

Nominate: Who Keeps Your Shirts Crisp and Clean?

Thanks for participating in Patch's Readers' Choice! Our nomination period is now over. Check back July 23, when live voting for your favorites begins!


Many residents have been going to the same dry cleaners for years. We want to know where we can get the most crisp starched blouse in-town. That's why we need your help in naming the best dry cleaners in Evergreen Park. 

Who creases your pants perfectly or gets the spot out every time? Tell us your favorite and why. 

While you're at it, give a shoutout to your favorite dry cleaners in our Patch business directory. Think of your recommendation as a public service, telling residents the best places to go in Evergreen Park.

Nominate your favorite dry cleaners by telling us in the comments. Here are a few suggestions; however, they STILL NEED TO BE NOMINATED to be included in the poll! As more dry cleaners are nominated, they'll be added to the list.

We will accept nominations through July 9.

Who keeps your shirts crisp and clean? Tell us in the comments!

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