Jul 29, 2014

UPDATE: After the Fire: How You Can Help the McNallys

Fire ripped through Brian and Katie McNally's Frankfort Square home. Now residents are lending a hand to help the family get through Thanksgiving and beyond.

UPDATE: After the Fire: How You Can Help the McNallys
  • UPDATE (6:15 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 1): Information from Lincolnway Special Recreation Association.
  • UPDATE (11:06 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 27): Additional donation information for Hilda Walker Intermediate School and Tracy Ricchio.
  • UPDATE (12:22 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 24): Facebook post from Susan McCann Hudson.
  • UPDATE (10:43 a.m. Thursday, Nov. 24): Information on Beth Crittendon.

, leaving the couple and their two children without a home and many of their possessions.


Community residents, however, have stepped up to help out the McNallys through this difficult time. Here are two ways you can pitch in and support the family:

  • Donations to buy gift cards for the McNallys will be collected at  on Wednesday, Nov. 23. Donations still can be dropped off at Hilda Walker, as well as the and Pioneer Grove Educational Center, according to a report in the Southtown Star.

  • Neighbor and friend Tracy Ricchio is collecting clothing, gift cards and toys for Christmas for the McNally children. The daughter, 10, wears size 10, and the son, 8, wears size 8. People who want to make donations can e-mail Ricchio at calschatsn@aol.com.

    Ricchio will be at the Hilda Walker school parking lot from 5 to 7 p.m. Monday, Nov. 28 to pick up donated items. In an e-mail she sent out over the weekend, Ricchio said retail gift cards are the best thing to donate. Here's what she wrote:

    "A lot of clothes have been coming in for the kids, but Katie and Brian need things, too. With gift cards, they can purchase items as needed. ... I would also like to suggest Christmas gifts for the kids. The last thing that would be on my mind this next month is shopping if I were them, so how can we make this a great Christmas from Santa? ... I will volunteer to wrap any gifts that come in. Contribute what you would like, though, these are only suggestions, because anything and everything is welcome." 

  • Neighbors Beth Crittendon and her husband, Bill, who has known Brian McNally since they were 12, are accepting donations for the McNallys. Contact her at bbkcritt@yahoo.com.

  • Keith Wallace, superintendent for wrote on the Frankfort Patch Facebook page: "I have the best staff in the world. LWSRA office staff have decided to not do our traditional secret Santa gift giving. We have decided to each give to the McNallys." Call 815-464-2811 or go to the organization's website for more information.

Susan McCann Hudson posted this on Frankfort Patch's Facebook page: "Lots of people have donated clothes. Some other ideas are: blankets, sheets towels, pillows, household items, Christmas stuff ... they lost a bunch of Christmas stuff. Someone already donated a tree. Monetary donations, gift cards (Target, grocery stores, Walmart, etc. ) Anything helps. thanks for all of the kind thoughts and generosity towards my great neighbors, the McNallys."

Do you know about other people or organizations who are helping out the McNallys? Leave detailed information in the comments section, and we'll keep updating the list. Also, you can post donation information on the Frankfort Patch Facebook page.

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