23 Aug 2014
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Frankfort Might Lose 13 Polling Places With New Map

Details are still being worked out on the voting precinct map approved by the Will County Board last week, village clerk says.

Frankfort Might Lose 13 Polling Places With New Map

Frankfort could be losing as many as 13 polling places , said Village Clerk Bob Kennedy at Monday's Village Board meeting.

The downsizing comes as part of the county's redrawing of precinct maps every 10 years to reflect U.S. Census data. This time, however, the board eliminated 142 polling places--going from 445 to 303--because many county residents are taking advantage of early voting. The cuts also could save the county about $200,000.

Although the new maps aren't completed, Kennedy said he thinks Frankfort will go from 42 polling places to 29. 

The increase in early voting does come with a benefit for the village, though. Frankfort is one of 16 municipalities that will receive a dedicated phone line to access the county's voter database during early voting, Kennedy said, making the proccess more efficient.

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