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GHS March 2011 Students of the Month

Geneva Community High School named its Students of the Month for March. An award is earned by a student who stands apart, succeeds despite circumstances, or contributes in some special way to the school.

Mike Sellberg, Grade 11

Nominated by Bill Koehn

I nominated Mike Sellberg for student of the month because he has worked very hard to become an excellent woodworker and to do the best job possible on his project. He is always the first to come into class and one of the last to leave every day after the shop has been cleaned. His confidence and skill level have grown from the beginning of the school year to now. He is always available to help out one of his classmates who may be having problems adjusting the saw or making a part fit. He has grown into one of our class leaders and someone that I can count on to help with anything that I need in class. Working with Mike and watching him grow as in individual is one of the many rewarding experiences I have enjoyed as a teacher. I know whatever career path Mike chooses to pursue in the future, he will do it to the best of his ability.

Wesley Stone, Grade 12

Nominated by Andrea Pfeiffer

This month I have selected Wesley Stone as my student of the month. Wesley is in my first period Foods I class and is actually awake and alert and ready to learn! I have never had Wes in any of my classes before and have found him to be quite responsible, in a most humbling way. It has been a joy to see him actually gain confidence in his culinary skills, and become somewhat of a quiet leader in his individual kitchen stations. Recently he volunteered to be "kitchen captain" to choose new tables, a task most my students don't particularly like. I have also asked him to do additional task outside class responsibilities and he has never complained! I'll be sorry to see Wes graduate this year and wish him the best of luck next year! 

Jessica Johnson, Grade 9

Nominated by Mary Streidl

Jessica Johnson is my student of the month because not only is she an inspiration to us all but among many things  she is always happy, willing to take on any challenge, does not shy away from the “tough” questions and is a consistent leader in class. Her openness in taking on new concepts in math class is admirable by any measure. She is genuine, thoughtful, helpful, respectful, kind, and quite simply put, a remarkable person. I can remember a shy, timid and slightly anxious “September” freshman. WOW!!!  Has she ever grown in confidence. That confidence, to me, is most measurable in math class because of her seemingly effortless ability to take on the problems that, at times, are very difficult to be sure. Jessica is also a student athlete, having recently earned a spot on the softball team. I am confident that Jessica will handle the school work/homework load and softball schedule with balance, fortitude, and success. She is a wonderful role model for Geneva High School. I am beyond proud of her. Congratulations to you, Jessica. You most definitely have earned this honor and I am proud to have nominated you.  

Eric Timko, Grade 12

Nominated by Dave Burk

I chose Eric Timko as Student of the Month because in the very short time I have had the privilege of knowing him, I can think of no student in my many years of teaching that has impressed me more favorably than has Eric. In addition to his performance in my Consumer class, Eric has excelled other classes in the Business Department including Marketing I and II. First of all, he is an exemplary student.  He is always prepared for the daily topic. Eric takes an active role in class discussions and is one person I can always count on to ‘bring us back to reality’ during those discussions. He possesses an understanding far beyond his age. He is a member of both the National Honor Society and the National Technical Honor Society. Eric is a well-rounded person. In his high school career, he has helped new students blend into the student body. He participated in football and baseball before he decided to concentrate on wrestling. In addition to his devotion to athletics, he volunteers at Marklund. Eric has a very well-developed work ethic. I think his wrestling career has had a very beneficial effect on his academic performance. My feeling is that his success on the mats has carried over to the other parts of his life—and perhaps the best is yet to come, once he competes at the collegiate level. I am proud to recognize Eric Timko as the Business Department Student of the Month for March.  I look forward to following his accomplishments here at GHS, as well as beyond.

Julie Orwig, Grade 12

Nominated by Mike Glabinski

Julie Orwig is my student of the month because she is genuine, gentle, kind and sincere with her peers and special education students. Too bad she was only able to take the PE peer leadership class this semester. Julie is also the president of Viking Pals club which plans social events after school for the special education students. With her smile and care she brings enthusiasm to the class. I am looking forward to having her for the rest of the school year. She makes my day every time I am there.

Dorie Arnold, Grade 9

Nominated by Fred Fortman

I have the pleasure of introducing Dorie Arnold as the student of the month for Science. Dorie is an exceptional student who uses time-tested study strategies to augment her inquisitive mind. Teaching is made easy with a student like her. However, I have nominated Dorie for student of the month because of her impact on the class. In science class, Dorie exudes confidence and it can be intimidating to some male students. She will not back down when confronted by a student who lacks her drive and she will challenge them to go beyond their comfort zone. Dorie shows that a girl can excel in science and this is an inspiration to the other female students. Dorie will work with any student who wants to learn to further their understanding and this helps the class as a whole.

Joseph Langman, Grade 12

Nominated by Bryan Ketter

I have had Joey continuously since the fall of 2009, and I have seen a tremendous amount of growth. Joey’s first days in U.S. History were not the best. I more or less considered him a disruptive trouble-maker (by our standards – which means most schools would have considered him an angel). Joey quickly conformed to my classroom expectations, and instead of concentrating on being a disruptive smart aleck, he began to channel this behavior into debating historical topics and viewpoints. This was and continues to be tremendously valuable to Joey’s classmates and Joey himself. On top of turning into a productive member of the class, Joey turned his own grades around. Joey went from an average or below average student to a straight A student, and was recently admitted into a University of Illinois campus. I consider myself very fortunate to have Joey as a student; students who are willing to debate topics with all comers (including myself), raise their hands to answer tough questions and approach class as a serious academic endeavor are a very rare and priceless ‘commodity.’ I will certainly miss Joey after this year, and look forward following his meteoric rise through college and on into his chosen profession. 

Collin Schumock, Grade 12

Nominated by Steve Whitman

Nominating Collin Schumock as student of the month for March was an easy decision. He has been a phenomenally strong student in my English II Honors class all year, but this month in particular he flexed his analytic and creative muscles to the extent that would make me reconsider what a sophomore is capable of. While reading a novel set in WWI and the short and concise imagist poetry of that same era, the students had an assignment to mimic William Carlos Williams’ poetic form. They could choose any subject matter, just as Williams did with an apology poem for eating plums that belonged to someone else. Collin was not prompted to include themes from the novel that we were reading, but he did. Collin makes these connections regularly in my class and on this particular occasion he was able to use the simplistic but incredibly focused form of a poem to show a concept that was important to the novel we are reading and concepts that are still relevant to society. He wrote about war and loss of innocence in such a powerful way that it brought me to tears as I read it during the study hall that I supervise. I was moved by the images he poetically created, but also the depth of analysis that he wrote in his explanation of his writing. Collin was willing to allow me to read it to the class, and that demonstrates his leadership qualities that I also observe continually in my class. He keeps people on track with subtle but stern coaxing, and he leads by example with his behavior and work ethic.

It took courage for him to write and share this poem with the rest of the class, and I am extremely proud to recognize Collin as student of the month.

Erin Browne, Grade 12

Nominated by Jamie Miquelon

Erin Browne is always smiling! It is always fun to see what Erin will come up with after presented with an assignment. I can tell she has thought about what kind of meaning she wants her artwork to have, and asks good questions about where she anticipates she might struggle. Erin does not give up! She may run into problems when making an artwork, and I think sometimes she gets frustrated, but she works through the problem until she comes to a satisfactory end. It is wonderful to have Erin in my class, and I always look forward to working with her.

Jessica Rush, Grade 9

Nominated by Jennifer Schwartz

I am so very proud to nominate Jessica (Jesse) Rush as the March Student of the Month for the math department.  In my opinion, Jesse epitomizes the ideal student at Geneva High School. She takes all of the notes, completes every homework assignment and puts forth her best effort 100 percent of the time.  Although she tends to be quiet in class, Jesse is truly a class leader. She is not afraid to ask questions if she does not grasp a concept in its first presentation. In doing so, she gives voice to many of the concerns shared by the other students in class. Her attention to detail is awe-inspiring and her hard work makes the end result seem effortless. Jesse leads by example and is truly a role model for the other students in the class. 

Nick Huang, Grade 9

Nominated by Gina Nolan

Nick Huang goes above and beyond in his Spanish II class. He listens attentively and always has his homework done. But what has impressed me so much about Nick is his curiosity about the language and the great questions he has about grammar concepts. I love the fact that he is thinking about the language in the big picture. Nick takes his work in the class seriously - doing the activities to learn from them, instead of just completing a task. That, of course, is a teacher's dream! Since I just started teaching Nick's class second semester, it has been fun to get to know him and to see such enthusiasm from a student.

Ashley Boser, Grade 12

Nominated by Mary Jane Johnson

It is my privilege to nominate Ashley Boser as Student of the Month. I’ve known Ashley for the past four years serving as her counselor and academic advisor.  Ashley embodies everything that is ‘right’ with today’s youth. She skillfully balances academics, athletics and outside employment. Her kind, compassionate ways along with her zest for life and contagious smile have endeared her to faculty and students alike. Ashley will be attending the University of Kentucky majoring in hospitality management. A perfect fit!

Russell Acton, Grade 12

Nominated by Julie Lawrence

It is with great pleasure that I acknowledge Russell Acton as the music department Student of the Month for March. As a member of the Geneva High School orchestras for the last four years, Russell has continuously and without fail demonstrated the highest level of helpfulness, kindness, and personal integrity in virtually every situation. He is a person who dedicates himself to both his personal goals and the group goals in an exceptionally mature way. Although he is a conscientious academic student, and a leader in his sports endeavors as well as his music, I believe the true reason he holds the abiding respect and admiration of his classmates and all who know him is the dignity, decency and respect with which he treats others and himself. He has shown true leadership in his role as Chamber Orchestra vice president this year, and will be greatly missed upon graduation.


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