Jul 30, 2014

SPEAK OUT: Snow Blowing Common Sense

SPEAK OUT: Snow Blowing Common Sense
As I walked around the neighborhood this weekend while many were freeing their driveways of snow, it was troubling to see so many houses being splattered with snow by their neighbors.
Seeing this made me want to just remind those with snow blowers that you do have the ability to determine which way the snow blows. While some excess spray from the wind might be unavoidable, 95% of the snow you blow is where you are letting it blow.  The snow from your driveway should end up in YOUR yard. It certainly should not be sprayed onto your neighbors house, fence or car.  If you cannot understand how to point your snow blower so that this does not happen, then you should hire somebody who can or go get a shovel. 
Yes, this does cause you more work but mounds of snow cause lots of pressure against dwellings that result in unwanted home and auto owner expenses.

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