15 Sep 2014
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Surprisingly Big Thumbs Up for Food Trucks in Geneva

So far, more than 80 percent of the votes and most responses are enthusiastically pro-food trucks in Geneva.

Surprisingly Big Thumbs Up for Food Trucks in Geneva Surprisingly Big Thumbs Up for Food Trucks in Geneva
Hard to believe, but despite some concerns from Geneva aldermen, the majority of comments and votes so far have been in favor of food trucks in Geneva.

There are a lot of questions to be answered, of course, including where such vehicles could camp out, but with a few provisos, virtually all the comments and most of the 82 poll answers gave the notion a thumbs up.

We posted the poll during the City Council meeting on Monday and as of 7 p.m. Wednesday, the 82 respondents were 81 percent in in favor of allowing the vehicles in Geneva. Sixty-five checked "Yes, that would be cool!" Thirteen checked "No way; more trouble than they're worth!" and two selected "Let the City Council figure it out. That's why they're paid the big bucks."

Here are some of your comments on Geneva Patch's Facebook page, which you really, really should "Like." (Like the page. You don't have to like the comments.)

Here are comments from the article:

Greg H — The city should license the trucks, limit the hours of operation and place limits on where they can set up. This should be no different than a new restaurant coming to town. People will vote with their stomachs and local restaurants can compete too. The main thing is that you don't want them obstructing traffic or becoming an eyesore.

Bill Page — The "Food Trucks" that are a big part of other cities' dining options are not the sandwich wagons you'll see at work sites. These are more mobile kitchens and offer more upscale and diverse menus: Thai, sushi, vegan, Tex-Mex, etc. As an indication of their popularity many towns are sponsoring mobile kitchen events. Geneva could be missing a bet if they relegate the trucks to"industrial parks," and it sounds as though there's a misconception as to what these new concept trucks are all about.

Robert Kidwell — Misconception and lack of understanding are common among politicians as evidenced by the committee person who compared the food trucks to "carpetbaggers" taking money away from Geneva businesses. Besides it being an inaccurate and puffed up statement, it singles out one group as ant-Geneva. I suppose that makes the French Market vendors "carpetbaggers" and bad for Geneva businesses as they are not established Geneva businesses. But they most likely pay a fee for their space so that makes it ok. A fee could be charged to the food trucks. I think that the bigger problem, as another committee person stated, is the logistics of where to park these trucks. I think the food trucks can continue to enhance Geneva and Third Street's uniqueness.

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