Jul 26, 2014
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Jenny McCarthy Can't Smoke Her E-Cigs in Chicago Bars

Nor can anyone else now that Chicago City Council has passed an indoor e-cigarette ban.

Jenny McCarthy Can't Smoke Her E-Cigs in Chicago Bars
CHICAGO — TV host, comedienne and e-cigarette hawker Jenny McCarthy won't be allowed to "light up" in her hometown's restaurants, bars and sports venues thanks to the City Council.

And you can't, either.

Chicago aldermen approved an ordinance on Wednesday on a 45-4 vote that will place the same restrictions on e-cigarettes currently in place for more traditional tobacco products.

McCarthy, South Side native, onetime naughty schoolgirl, Mother McAuley graduate and co-host on The View, is often seen on TV pitching blu eCigs in slick, sexy ads.

What does that mean for e-cigarette smokers?
  • E-cigarettes cannot be sold to minors.
  • They must be placed behind the counters of stores in which they are sold.
  • You can no longer smoke e-cigarettes in restaurants, sporting venues or anywhere else cigarettes are banned.
  • Sellers must now be licensed.
The Council voted to regulate the increasingly popular cigarette alternatives as a tobacco product pending additional regulations from the Food and Drug Administration. 

Mayor Rahm Emanuel has been a vocal advocate of placing restrictions on the devices.

“I applaud City Council in their efforts to ensure the health and safety of Chicago’s youth as we continue the fight against Big Tobacco,” Emanuel said in a statement. “Regulating e-cigarettes will protect our children from getting hooked on their kid-friendly flavors and marketing. This ordinance stand up for our children while ensuring all residents have the right to clean air and healthy environment."

Those in favor of the additional regulations point to studies that demonstrate e-cigarettes and flavored tobacco are increasingly being used by young people.

Ald. Matt O'Shea (19th Ward) voted in favor of the ordinance as did 44 other aldermen. Four voted against it.

Los Angeles and New York City recently passed similar ordinances.

Should e-cigarettes be regulated the same as regular cigarettes?

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