Jul 29, 2014

Village Officials: Protect Property From Flooding as Snow Melts

Village Officials: Protect Property From Flooding as Snow Melts
Warmer weather may cause flooding from melting snow that can't be absorbed by the still frozen ground.

Village of Glen Ellyn officials are asking residents to review the following precautions that can prevent damage to property:  
  • Shovel snow away from the house, especially away from basement windows.
  • Clear catch basins on the street to ensure they are not obstructed, so water can drain freely. Public Works crews will continue to clear as much snow as possible off the street and away from the 3000 plus catch basinsbut do not have the man power to clear them all. On behalf of our community, Public Works requests the assistance of able bodied residents to assist us with the task of shoveling out catch basins in your locale to reduce the incidence of localized flooding. 
  • Check property for obstructions that could prevent melting snow from draining away from the house. Clear a path for water.
  • Ensure gutter downspouts and sump pump discharge hoses are clear of ice, snow or obstructions at ground level.
  • Make sure your sump pump is functioning and that the discharge pipe isn't frozen. If the discharge pipe is frozen, your sump pump most likely will burn out. If your sump pump is connected to an underground drainage pipe, consider allowing your sump pump to discharge water at ground level.

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