22 Aug 2014
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Wayne George Flary: Candidate for Avon Township Assessor

Wayne George Flary is among 22 people seeking eight spots in Avon Township.

Wayne George Flary: Candidate for Avon Township Assessor

Name: Wayne George Flary “George”

Age: 41

Family: I am a single father with full custody of my two children. I have a daughter that attends the University of Illinois and a son that is looking forward to graduating 8th grade. I am a lifelong resident of Grayslake. My family has lived in different municipalities in Avon Township for over 100 years.

Education: I received my Certified Illinois Assessing Officer (C.I.A.O.) designation in 2009. I also have an additional 90 hours of continuing education through the Illinois Property Assessment Institute.

Occupation: Deputy Assessor with Lake Villa Township.

Other community involvement: Volunteer coaching for the past 11 years through the Grayslake Park District. Member of the Grayslake Exchange Club

Position sought: Assessor

Campaign E-mail address: avonstrong@aol.com

Campaign committee: Avon Strong

Campaign Website: www.avonstrong.org
Why are you running?

I am committed to the challenge of bringing the Avon Township Assessor’s Office to the standards and expectations that the taxpayers desire and deserve. I would do this by creating fair, equitable, and accountable assessed values using sound appraisal principles for all properties in the township. The improvements to the Assessor’s office would benefit both taxpayers and taxing bodies.

In what ways would Avon Township benefit from your service?

The benefits I will bring to the Assessor’s Office are experience and knowledge of working in one of the best assessor offices in the county. I bring the teachings and support of the Lake Villa Township Assessor and co-workers with approximately 75 years of combined experience and expertise in the assessment field. Together we have been able to achieve the goals I have listed below and will bring to the Avon Township Assessor’s Office.

My goals for the Avon Township Assessor’s Office are outlined below:

    • Improve Public Relations

      I will serve the taxpayers better by treating each person with courtesy and respect; by offering more and improved services; by improving assessment accountability; by making data available through the internet and in-office research; and by improving communication through publications and meetings.

      • Financial Control

      I will establish a reasonable and sound budget while finding ways to reduce and control spending and improve accountability to the public and Town Board

      • Appraisal

      I will create fair and equitable assessments based on sound appraisal practices and support valuations through improved documentation. I will evaluate the current property records to insure the information being used to formulate assessments are accurate and current.

      • Personnel

      I will train and educate a staff to be professional appraisers with effective public relation skills.

      • Township Relations

      I will attend meetings to inform the Town Board of projects and provide status reports.  I will work with administrative Township staff to find the best and/or create efficient inter-office work procedures.

      What else would you like voters to know?

      I will take a hands-on approach to this job being involved in the day to day operations and valuations. I look forward to the challenges of being “the Assessor,” the added responsibilities, the advancement of my career and continuing to be a public servant with Avon Township. The township and taxpayers deserve a full time, dedicated, experienced and qualified Assessor committed to the job and I am that person.

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