Jul 30, 2014
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Best Benedict: Chowdown Showdown

We're taking a different approach to our usual Chowdown Showdown feature, and we're starting with Eggs Benedict.

Best Benedict: Chowdown Showdown Best Benedict: Chowdown Showdown

I love Eggs Benedict. A lot. And I know I’m the only one.

Chicago Heights Patch Editor (and great friend of mine) Chris Paicely says his mother routinely judges breakfast places on the quality of their Eggs Benedict. Smart woman.

See, there are a lot of tricky elements involved in pulling off the perfect Eggs Benedict. As such, the quality of said dish is very telling of the establishment it came from. Have you ever tried making an emulsion sauce? It’s definitely not for the novice culinary enthusiast. Good poached eggs are no piece of cake, either.

All the more reason why your favorite Eggs Benedict purveyors deserve credit for crafting one of the more elegant options on the standard breakfast menu.

So how does this work? First, look at the list below for your favorite place to get Eggs Benedict, click on the link and write a review. You can also post comments below. The restaurant with the most reviews and comments is declared “Most Loved.”

We'll accept all reviews and comments posted before 11:59 p.m. Sunday for scoring. After that, we'll name our winner. 

Here are your local breakfast joints. If we missed someone, please tell us below in the comments and we’ll add them (please note, only places listed in the Patch Places Directory will be considered).

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