20 Aug 2014
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Hotel on the Horizon; Hair Stylist Honor: Feedback Friday

A weekly update to help you keep up with the comments and conversations on H-F Patch and H-F Patch’s Facebook.

Hotel on the Horizon; Hair Stylist Honor: Feedback Friday

Somehow we jumped from just shy of 800 "likes"  on the H-F Patch Facebook page to the current 1,020 in less than two weeks.

I'm speechless.

Overheard on  Facebook

At the beginning of the week, we announced the plans of a new botique hotel in downtown . This comes shortly after the announcement of a new fine dining restaurant planned for the Southgate area. Here's some of the responses we got:

  • Kate Duff: "This is really great news."
  • Rachael Bush Middleton: "this is really cool. you know what we need next ? a big community garden, something for people to stroll to while they are enjoying downtown homewood...like on that big perpetually empty lot across from irwin."
  • Ann Druetzler: "WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!"
  • David Parry: "At first glance I was a tad skeptical, but on closer inspection it does actually make sense given the selection of ratty scumbag hotels in the area. I wish them the best of luck with this project and if the need a local pre renovation environmental assessment guy they need look no further ;-)"
  • Dina Lyles Harrison: "I worked for "Doc" Dr. Gendreau years ago and he's a pretty remarkable guy. I think we will all be impressed. I'm very excited by all the new additions planned. I can almost feel home values rising." 
  • Karen Kurowski McHugh: "I wish something awesome would take that building on Halsted that used to be Shooters...a Texas Roadhouse or Golden Corral. And I also wonder how long that Homewood Hotel on Halsted will sit abandoned and useless...a Costco would go great over there!"

This week, we're asking our readers who their favorite hair stylists in town are. Coincidentally, I had to get a haircut, so I asked who I should go to on Facebook:

  • Jan Plantinga-Vallow: "Mr. T's in Homewood is where my son-in-law goes..."
  • David Parry: "Mr T for a proper haircut you can set your watch by."
  • Larry Kane: "A little biased here, but we do an outstanding job at Jonathan Kane Salon & Spa in Flossmoor, ask for Samantha."
  • Doreen Munro Baird: "Two: Sandie, at Just Between Trends in Homewood; or Worlds Greatest Barbershop on Dixie in Homewood. Both sons use both."
  • Dana Sbragia: "Artistix next to Twisted BBQ, Ask for Renee or Sarah."
  • Tina Massignani Fagan: "Jonathan Kane Salon & Spa! Every men's cut includes a scalp & neck massage AND a rinse after your cut to get rid of those pesky hairs! You get what you pay for!:)"
  • Kat O'Connor Borham: "Cutters for Men in Flossmoor is great!"
  • Barbara Karstrom: "I LOVE the great cuts Erin in downtown Flossmoor at Cutters for Men."
  • Anita Rogalski Kowalisyn: "Mr. T's on Ridge Road, just east of Dixie Hwy in Homewood. Inexpensive, small town feel Barber Shop! It is right across the street from Tom's Restaurant."
  • Knox B. Nancy: "Erin at Cutters!!!! Awesome!!"
  • Lisa Compton Stilts: "My husband also goes to Erin at Cutters, she does a great job!"
  • Crystal Nelson Lesimple: "Erin, i can't seem to tag you, but Patrick Lesimple has only been happy with his haircuts by you :) says a lot from a frenchie ;)"
  • Ed Konrath: "Erin at Cutters for Men in downtown Flossmoor. She's the best!!"

Voices Speak Out on  H-F Patch

The comments for have been piling up on Patch as well:

  • "By far, Sandie at Just Between Trends. Our family (4) have been going to her for 20ish years; wouldn't think of going anywhere else. TALENTED, accomodating, current, fun! We followed her from another shop, and would do it again. Makes getting your hair cut (highlighted etc :) enjoyable... and you look good!!"
  • :"Erin and her staff at Cutter's are the best. When I first moved here I tried a whole bunch of places on the list above, but soon realized the best place for a great haircut!"
  • : "I love Artistix Salon! My family has come here for a few years (even my 5 year old!) and the staff has always been wonderful. I like that they all take part in continuing education so that they're always up on what's going on in the hair world. We see Jessica, but everyone there is fantastic!"
  • : "Marc Alan is AMAZING, I've gone to Keri for the Ultimate Facials and Jet Peels. Demetra for Manicures & Pedicures, & Heath for AMAZING Hair Color, all the staff at Marc Alan are professional and know their crafts!"
  • : "Marc Alan Salon and Day Spa is the perfect place to go for EVERYTHING. I personally see Caley for hair, Keri for facials and waxings and Demetra for nails. Every technician knows exactly what they're doing and are very professional. It is definitely a great salon with great owners and staff! They certainly have my vote!!"
  • :"Marc Alan is the Best!! I recently had the full day spa experience (my 1st ever!) I started with a 90 min. hot stone massage with Angela, a jet peel facial with Christine and I came home with the newest Bare Minerals makeup... Awesome!! I've already scheduled my next spa day with an ultimate pedicure too!!"
  • :"Marc Alan is such a great salon!! I go to Chrissy to get color, cuts and blowdrys, She is really down earth and keeps up with the styles and colors and makes you walk out feeling 100% better! Definitely the stylist and salon to go to!!!"
  • : "Heath at Marc Alan is my new go to guy for a quick and accurate trim and a great laugh to boot! Marc Alan has always been my hair salon of choice since 2005, and now I have a new favorite stylist!"
  • :"Sharon at Marc Alan is the BOMB! She understands curly hair, which few stylists know how to cut, and is extremely professional!!"

, asking readers whether they thought this makes the dawn of a new economic era for Homewood. Here's some of the responses:

  • : "With Ravisloe's wedding trade, the hotel is sooooo needed and I'm thrilled it is happening. I think the corporate corridor on halsted is fine and let's face it, handy. The quaint down town will survive because it's quaint, it provides a different experience, and if the hotel is there, it will add to the feel and most importantly, pedestrians and customers. Fine dining in southgate is huge too. Now more cool, hip, shops will find the downtown and southgate more attractive. Thumbs up all around."
  • :"Excellent news! Chipotle is about the best you can get in terms of a corporate chain restaurant. They source much of their meat from sustainable, pasturing farmers, making their food much healthier than the majority of chains. The upscale restaurant in the former Bakers' Square location is fantastic too, especially since they plan to source some of their ingredients from local, sustainable farms. This will mean tastier, cleaner, safer, more healthful food. Way to go Homewood!"
  • :"Amazing...The entire HF area is amazing and its great that these outside business people see in our area what so many of us do! I think Trader Joes, Meijer and Whole Foods should come play with us next!!"
  • :"I'm not holding my breath. I hope it works, obviously, but there's a lot involved here and I'm not going to be jumping for joy just to get my hopes dashed. In the end, let's call it "guarded optimism." I see no reason not to try, however. And the idea of putting a place like Chipotle in the Halsted corridor is right as well as making the downtown area more "quaint." Bringing upscale dining into the area is great, too. It's not a bad idea to make HF a destination area. I just hope it all works out."

Thanks to all our readers for your continued support and engagement!

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