23 Aug 2014
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Boy Scouts’ Perversion List a Sad Legacy of Abuse

Recently released documents reveal Boy Scout leaders in Patch towns who were expelled from the organization and placed on list.

Boy Scouts’ Perversion List a Sad Legacy of Abuse

The Boys Scouts of America's method for handling allegations of child abuse by local troop leaders was expelling the accused and putting the person’s name on an ineligible to volunteer list, or what has become known as a "perversion list."

The list was kept a secret and many of the allegations remained confidential, often not reported to police agencies. Last week, a Portland law firm posted 14,500 of files outlining names and cases of abuse involving the Scouts, according to Huffington Post. Within hours, the firm's website crashed, Huffington Post reported.

The list includes troop leaders from around the country, including the Chicago area. It has in-depth information about some cases and just the barest of details about other cases. Here is the information for Patch towns in the north and northwestern suburbs. You can also search the database here.

Evanston BSA Troop 16

The accusation involved taking “indecent liberties” with a boy during a Boy Scouts of America camp trip in the summer of 1983.

The Evanston Scout leader, who volunteered with Troop 16, was never charged pending his removal from the Scouts as well as a requirement that the man seek professional help, according to recently released documents about the Boy Scouts’ “ perversion list.”

The leader’s name was added to the list, meaning he could not have any contact with any Boy Scout.

Two years later, Paul Scott Koefoot became a convicted sex offender. He was convicted of criminal sexual assault of a child in Nebraska. Koefoot, now 50, was convicted in 1998 of a four criminal sexual assault of a child charges, according to Nebraska's Sex Offender Registration list records.

He must register as a sex offender for the rest of his life.

Park Ridge

One person was expelled from the Boy Scouts in Park Ridge. The expulsion occurred in 1987. The person was not named, nor was the troop number.

Arlington Heights

Two Boy Scout leaders were placed on the list between 1970 and 1975.

One man was the Scoutmaster for Troop 34 in 1975. The Lake Zurich man was accused of touching boys inappropriately during summer camp outings. According to complaints, the troop leader had Scouts see how fast they could take off and put their clothes back on.  He also became angry at older boys who refused to participate, the documents stated.

Another volunteer was expelled in 1970 but the troop was not listed.

Crystal Lake

One person was expelled in 1988 from Troop 158.

Highland Park

In 1962, one person who volunteered with Troop 30 was added to the list.


A man was placed on the list in 1992 from Troop 457. No further details were provided.

Des Plaines

In 1998, a volunteer from Troop 2915 was added to the list.


One person was expelled in 1995. He volunteered with Troop 72.

Lake Forest

A volunteer was expelled in 1999. He was part of Troop 46.


A leader from Troop 15 was expelled in 2002.


A volunteer from Troop 55 was expelled in 1988.

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