Jul 27, 2014
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What People are Saying about District 300 Teacher Strike

Facebook site generates pro and con comments.

What People are Saying about District 300 Teacher Strike


Just like any issue nowadays, social media is playing an interesting role in the District 300 teachers strike as people sound off on Facebook.

LEAD 300 announced its membership will be on strike Tuesday. District 300 and the union have been negotiating a contract for months but things came to a head Monday and talks stalled.

The union is keeping its membership and the public updated on the progress on its Facebook page, which has generated pro and con comments from the public.

Here’s a sample of what people are saying:

LEAD 300 Posted: Colonial Cafe is offering 20% to all D300 strikers.

Responses: “Looks like I never eat there again."

“That is the beauty of free enterprise system. You can eat, or not eat, wherever you like-- and nobody really cares.”

“Off our purchase or towards the loss of salary??”

“You are too funny. Oooops you are a teacher making 88,767 a year approx, most likely more as it was posted two years ago most likely 90-93k per year. So free enterprise means kill the small guy because you are getting yours. That was a great response from you!”

LEAD posted:  “The administration has a $55 million dollar fund balance that they do not want to use.”

Responses: “I can almost guaruntee that this is wrong.”

“I can absolutely guarantee your spelling is wrong.”

“Ohhhh burn.”

“English teacher, I'm guessing.”

“So spend all of the 55million and have nothing in reserve. THAT WOULD BE SO SMART!”

“I am not a teacher but a parent of four children, three of whom have graduated from D300 and one who is a senior at Jacobs. As a parent I have been witness to the hard work, dedication and commitment teachers in this district have for all our children. I now the long lasting effects that a great teacher has on his/her students because my adult children have told me on more than one occasion how a teacher has impacted their lives. I can take credit for the educational success of my children, but I would only be fooling myself. I did not do it alone. I had some wonderful men and women working together with me, helping me mold and create productive citizens who will go into this world and hopeful make a difference.

LEAD 300 posted: The strike announcement

Responses: “The community supports you.”

 “Thank you parents for your support!”

“Joanne, not all of the community supports this strike. Please don't speak for all of us.”

“Again, to several posters here, can you please stop using ‘WE’ in your support. You do not speak for me and many other parents who are feel this strike is about nothing more than greed.”


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