Jul 29, 2014
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Saw It on Craigslist: St. Kalliope Icon for $50

St. Kalliope was martyred in the 3rd century when she refused to renounce her faith and marry a pagan suitor.

Saw It on Craigslist: St. Kalliope Icon for $50 Saw It on Craigslist: St. Kalliope Icon for $50 Saw It on Craigslist: St. Kalliope Icon for $50
St. Kalliopi, depicted in this icon being sold by a Joliet resident on Craigslist, may not be a household name, but the story of her martyrdom will make you look at her visage with new eyes.

According to the Web site Catholic.org, Kalliopi lived in the 3rd century under Roman Empire rule. When she became old enough to marry, she rejected all suitors in favor of remaining dedicated to her Christian faith.

One suitor was so incensed by her dismissal that he had her brought before the magistrate on several charges, including mockery of the pagan faith and treason against the state, the Web site said. He magnanimously announced he would drop the charges if she would renounce Christianity and marry him -- and offer she rejected.

Her punishment was to be publicly flogged and her face scarred by branding irons with salt poured into the wounds, the story goes. She was given once last chance to reject Christianity and, when she refused, was beheaded, the site said.

The icon being sold for $50 on Craigslist presents her in a more beatific state. The seller says "it is about 15 years old, and it is a custom made Icon from St. Isaac of Syria Skete Monastery in Wisconsin. (It's) aprox. 11 (inches) wide by 13 inches tall, and is mounted on half inch thick board."

If you're interested in seeing more photo or possibly buying it, click here.

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