Jul 29, 2014

Scary Moment When Girl Tries to Flee Ferris Wheel

Paige Sandstrom, 10, became frightened when the weather turned bad at the Taste of Joliet Friday night; her sister was able to pull her back into her seat.

Scary Moment When Girl Tries to Flee Ferris Wheel

One 10-year-old girl was so frightened by Friday night's impending storm that she tried to get off the Ferris wheel at the Taste of Joliet.

Paige Sandstrom, who boarded the ride reluctantly, was scared as festival crowds started being evacuated whle she and her 12-year-old sister were still on the ride and tried to climb under the bar while seated at the highest point on the ride, according to a story in the Joliet Herald-News.

The girl was pulled back into her seat by her sister and was not injured, although her mother is raising questions about while people were being allowed onto the Ferris wheel with thunderstorm -- with lightning -- was moving in, the story said.

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