Jul 28, 2014
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Lawsuit Keeps Youth Center Open Past Aug. 31

The facility in Joliet was to close this Friday, but the state is attempting to negotiate a settlement of a suit filed by union employees.

Lawsuit Keeps Youth Center Open Past Aug. 31

Joliet's will not close Friday as originally planned under a .

In a letter wrritten by Illinois Department of Corrections Director S.A. Godinez -- obtained by The Associated Press -- the facility at 2848 McDonough St., super-maximum-security Tamms in southern Illinois and two others will remain open as the state negotiates with the employees' union that filed suit to temporarily halt the closures.

The AP story said the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees lawsuit maintains the state is obligated by contract to negotiate the terms of closures and inmate transfers. Arbitrations are being held this week to work out the details, the story said.

"All affected employees have been notified of the temporary delay and directed to continue to report for duty at their current work location," according to the letter, which was given to the AP by a former corrections employee.


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