Jul 29, 2014

Mayor Announces Forest Park Partnership

In letter to the city, Mayor Schoenheider describes public-private partnership to work on Forest Park.

Mayor Announces Forest Park Partnership

Dear Fellow Residents:

            The City of Lake Forest has joined with a group of citizens, the Forest Park Project Corporation, to undertake the restoration, enhancement and preservation of Forest Park.  The City has had a number of public/private partnerships to renovate and enhance our public spaces, such as Market Square and Elawa Farm, and we are excited about this latest project.

            As you know, Forest Park is one of the signature elements of Lake Forest.  It is the gateway to our wonderful beach and lake front facilities.  Many people come to the Park to enjoy a quiet moment overlooking Lake Michigan.  Over the years, some of the Park’s original character, dating back to the very early days of Lake Forest, has been lost.  The main objective of the project is to restore native trees and plants while removing the invasive species that have taken hold in the wooded areas, update the amenities, and to open up vistas of Lake Michigan that have become overgrown with time. 

In addition, the Park’s infrastructure is in need of attention, and the City Council has budgeted $850,000 to bring the infrastructure up to our standards.  The balance of the project will be for updating the landscape of the Park, plantings and new features.  The Forest Park Project Board has undertaken the goal to raise the balance of the funds for this portion of the project. 

We are pleased to be working with the Board on this important undertaking for the community and look forward to Forest Park becoming even more attractive and inviting than it is today.


Donald P. Schoenheider

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