Jul 29, 2014

Banish Stubborn Holiday Weight: 3 Tips to Help Resolutions Stick

Core Pilates owner notes keep your workouts at the same time of day.

Banish Stubborn Holiday Weight: 3 Tips to Help Resolutions Stick Banish Stubborn Holiday Weight: 3 Tips to Help Resolutions Stick


In the midst of family and friends which dominated the recent holidays, we were confronted with something far more overwhelming for our waistlines: an over-abundance of food and drink.

Year after year, we promise ourselves we’re going to be better – we are going to go to the gym and get on that treadmill tomorrow. Yet, as the holidays pass and we either return to home or bid loved ones goodbye, we come to terms with the result of our flailing willpower and lack of movement: We’ve put on a couple of pounds, and we’re desperate to lose them before we head to sunnier locations.

Thankfully, Core Pilates owner and resident Karla Schwartz made some time for me during this busy time as her business just celebrated its second anniversary.

Located at 742 Sheridan Road in Highwood, Core Pilates offers a number of classes for students of all ages, at varying levels. While the studio provides mat classes, they also have equipment that most Pilates studios in the area don’t – the EXO Chair, Pilates Arch, Magic Circle, and more recently, the Reformer and Trapeze Table.

Here are some of her valuable tips to maximize workout routines and make those weight-loss resolutions stick in the future.

1.) Stick with a Schedule

Waking to the smell of chocolate pancakes wafting through your home is difficult, but so is dealing with the aftermath of the temptation. Schwartz advises that if you normally workout in the morning, keep that routine – your body will keep progressing and showing results as it has in previous months. Pancakes can wait; you’ll be so proud of yourself for sticking to your guns.

2.) Bring Your Mat

Traveling is part of your job? Whether it’s your Pilates mat, armbands, small weights, or running shoes, always remember to bring the proper accoutrement to enable and maximize activity. Most hotels have workout facilities and if you bring your own equipment, you can workout anywhere.

3.) Heed Additional Benefits

While the simple act of working out is good for your physique, recognize added benefits as well. “I love the connection between the mind and the body in Pilates,” said Schwartz. “Strengthening the spine and core will make any person healthy all-around; it is a form of exercise that you can do for the rest of your life.”

Attendance in all classes at Core Pilates continues to increase due to the quality service, serene environment and deals.

The studio is currently offering $30 for 30 days of Pilates; unlimited packages that range from $100 to $160 per month; and a Reformer class special – upon the purchase of two sessions, the third is free.

To learn about classes or for more information, call (847) 432-0100.

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