Jul 28, 2014
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Top 10 Stories from September

Here's the top 10 stories ran on the Lake Forest-Lake Bluff Patch in September.

Top 10 Stories from September

Probably unsurprisingly, the top 10 stories that ran on the Lake Forest-Lake Bluff Patch during September were all related to the LFHS Teacher's Strike. And while the strike is now done (with details of the agreement to be released at the October 9 School Board Meeting), you can consider this list a walk down memory lane - and a great chance to review the details of the strike before finding out the agreement details next week! 

1) Lake Forest Teachers Strike as Negotiations Fail - Sept. 12 A last ditch effort to avoid a work stoppage by Lake Forest High School teachers failed shortly after 11 p.m. Tuesday as they officially went on strike at 12:01 a.m. 

2) Opinions Fly on Possible Teachers Strike - Sept. 11 Nerves are brittle as students and parents wait to see if there really is a work stoppage. 

3) Lake Forest High School Strike Ends After 6 Days - Sept. 19 LFEA and the Board reach an agreement after a marathon 12-hour negotiation.  

4)  - Sept. 14 The Board filed an unfair labor practice claim against the LFEA. Mandatory attendance at Lake Forest High School will resume Monday. 

5)  - Sept. 17 Lake Forest High School strike will continue into its 6th day on Tuesday.

6) Lake Forest Football Coach Crosses Picket Line - Sept. 13 Chuck Spagnoli conducts football practice while union considers the activity crossing teachers' picket line. 

7) LFEA and the Board of Education Fail to Reach an Agreement - Sept. 13 Lake Forest High School strike will continue into third day on Friday. 

8)  - Sept. 17 LFHS resumed Monday morning with a mandatory attendance day, negotiations resume as well. 

9) Students Hold Candlelight Vigil for Teachers' Strike - Sept. 18 Lake Forest High School students demonstrate their desire for their teachers to return to class. 

10) Latest Teacher Talks Fail to Produce Agreement - Sept. 6 Strike by Lake Forest High School teachers could start Wednesday if no agreement is reached. 

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