Jul 30, 2014
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Buddy Will Win You Over

Eight-year-old beagle mix is a perfect angel.

Buddy Will Win You Over Buddy Will Win You Over Buddy Will Win You Over


Hi! I’m Buddy and I would be oh so happy to meet you! Well actually I’m happy to meet everyone but maybe you’re the special person who will take me home and let me love you forever. I promise you’ll be glad you did since I am superb in the house and have a winning personality.

I am great around other dogs and actually would enjoy having a playmate dog. There are no cats at my foster home but I will pretty much take whatever comes along and if I show too much interest in something, you can simply tell me “NO” and I’ll move on. Honestly I just roll with the punches and make no demands (except for butt rubs, see below). Foster family can leave me loose in the house all day long and I am a perfect angel while they’re gone.


At eight years young, I’m quite spry and despite my extra pounds (more on that later), I get around great, have no problem with stairs, LOOOVE walks, am good in the car, and I know you’ll enjoy watching my cute wiggly waddle when I run around. I really appreciate a good butt rub, which I will let you know all about when I back my hind quarters toward you and turn my head to look at you with my pleading golden brown eyes until you “get it.”

I like to play with toys and will take them out of the toy bin which I found all by myself even though at this house they put it kind of in a corner as if I wouldn’t notice. By the way, I really enjoy hanging out in the back yard, even when it’s super hot, so having my very own yard or outdoor space would be excellent.


I’ve got kind of an interesting story. My owner went to jail and the other people he left me with couldn’t afford to keep me, and his other family members didn’t want me, can you imagine? I am so easy going and friendly I just don’t understand it. They took me to the local shelter in a rural area where adopters, especially for us mature, experienced pets, are scarce. Luckily the people there saw how awesome I am and insisted that I get rescued, so here I am, waiting for you!

My owner was a bit uninformed about how to properly feed a hound like me and if I was still willing to eat, he just kept feeding me. So now I’m on a diet and exercise regime we’re calling Beagle Biggest Loser. I’ve slimmed up a bit already and I’m not really a food beggar, plus I’m always eager for a walk and I am very mobile around the house, so I should tone up pretty fast. If you’re willing to take on that task, you can adopt me right now, no waiting for “Buddy Lite” to emerge.


Foster mom says I need to give you some “data” so here goes. I’m an 8-year-old neutered male beagle (probably with a some basset which you can see in my legs and torso, and you’ll hear it in my deep, throaty howl which I only use when necessary). I’m pretty photogenic as you can see, and the camera doesn’t lie – I do need to lose a few aforementioned pounds. The nice people with Young At Heart had my teeth cleaned and some fatty lumps removed. I may have some allergies because I do like to rub my back and tummy on the grass or carpet and my skin seems a bit itchy, but that actually gives me the chance to make you giggle out loud…when I sprawl on my belly with my legs splayed out and push myself backwards around the room, it’s truly hilarious! See? I already made you laugh and you haven’t even met me. Just think how much you’ll love me when you meet me for real and take me home! I’m waiting for your call…


I’m healthy and already neutered, up-to-date on my vaccinations, and microchipped. My adoption fee of $165 allows Young at Heart Pet Rescue to help other older dogs and cats like me get a second chance at a happily ever after. Just fill out an adoption application to arrange a visit.

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