Jul 30, 2014

Lake Zurich's Matt Blanchard in the News

LZHS alum and sports writer for Redeye says "we’re all Matt Blanchard."

Lake Zurich's Matt Blanchard in the News


In case you missed the sports opinions and articles about grad and Bears free agent Matt Blanchard, here are some highlights.

Redeye sportswriter Matt Lindner, who also graduated from LZHS, says we’re all Matt Blanchard, minus the Bears Uniform.  “Yeah, it was "just" the preseason, but Blanchard can forever tell his kids about the time he led the Bears to victory,” Lindner writes. 

"It was great to be out there tonight. A dream come true really,” Blanchard told MSN’s Bear Report. 

 “His stats yesterday weren't great, he overthrew a few guys pretty severely and missed a few others badly, but he kept the game winning drive alive by making a pair of really nice throws to Evan Rodriguez.” – Windy City Gridiron

 “During the last drive of the game, the 'Skins were rushing five, sometimes six men on each play. But Blanchard did not panic, he did not take off and try to run, and he looked danger right in the face . . . Matt Blanchard has managed to out-perform Josh McCown in these first two preseason games”. – Bleacher Report

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