23 Aug 2014
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Proposed Luxury Auto Dealership Drives Concerns from Residents

Midwest Motors is proposing to move operations from Volo to the outgoing Capaccio Bros. Furniture property near the Mosley Hill and Orchards subdivisions.

Proposed Luxury Auto Dealership Drives Concerns from Residents Proposed Luxury Auto Dealership Drives Concerns from Residents

At Monday’s village board meeting, more than 20 residents expressed strong opposition to a luxury and exotic car dealership relocating to the Capaccio Bros. Furniture building at 540 Cortland Drive.

The property has been on the market for the last year-and-a-half and Capaccio Bros. plans to close its doors in the near future.

The board of trustees ultimately voted to allow the proposal from Midwest Motors of Volo to tentatively move forward to the Plan Commission for consideration at the June meeting.

Among concerns voiced by residents from the Orchards and Mosley Hill subdivisions were increased traffic in the residential area where young children play, to the possibility of trucks blocking the only street leading into the residential area.

“I estimate we will sell between 20 and 30 vehicles a month; there is a truck dock that we would utilize for car deliveries so trucks will not block the residential street,” Benjamin Ripstein, Midwest Motors owner said.

Ripstein said deliveries-which would be limited to two to four times per week-would only occur during business hours which are Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m. 

The business would be closed on Sundays.

“Test drives will be made by appointment only, and only for financially qualified buyers-no test drives will occur on residential streets, but instead on Route 22 to Fox River Grove and back,” Ripstein said.

Residents were also concerned about potential noise pollution and damaging the overall aesthetic feel of the entrance to the subdivisions. 

“I cannot see any benefit at all-these types of cars cause windows and chandeliers to shake-how are you going to quiet them down?” asked Randy Looke, a neighboring resident.  “There isn’t one car dealership in this town, and I don’t think there should be-that’s why I live here.”

“This is a residential area and we want to make sure it is presentable-please don’t let this go forward,” said Fred Baser, another nearby resident.

“I can assure you I plan to keep up the beautiful and manicured appearance that Capaccio Bros. has created over the last 20 years,” Ripstein said.

In regards to noise, Ripstein said though some of the higher end cars can be loud, activity will be limited to during normal business hours.

Capaccio Bros. owner Nick Capaccio-who attended the meeting-said he plans to close the doors of his business, and Midwest Motors is the first of many potential offers on the property he believes is an appropriate and solid choice for the village.

“We have turned down many offers to buy the building, because they weren’t the right fit,” Capaccio said.

Capaccio said Midwest Motors has high business standards, and if the village were to deny it, he would be forced to sell to another business that may not be a good match for the village or the nearby residences.

“We believe this business would be a perfect fit for Lake Zurich and its residents,” Capaccio said.

“We are not a conventional dealership; all of our cars are stored inside and there will be no big signs, banners or balloons. Our average car sells at $50,000 and above;we have a sophisticated product,” Ripstein said.

“Any mechanical work on these vehicles will be done at an alternate location,” Ripstein said.

Services that would be available on site would include detailing services, minor part replacement, fluids refill, tire rotation and adding air, wiper blade replacement and air filters.

As part of the proposal, Ripstein has asked the village to consider a 50/50 split of sales tax revenues generated from vehicle sales for a 10-year period.

“I want to purchase this building and I want to partner with the village,” Ripstein said.

Ripstein said the reason for the move is because his customers, which oftentimes are travelling from out of the area, have limited places to stay overnight or to even eat at in Volo.

“I think relocating here could be beneficial to bringing new people in to the village to stay at the Holiday Inn and patronize the wide selection of restaurants in the area,” Ripstein said.

The issue will now go before the Plan Commission for consideration, though no formal application from Midwest Motors has been received by the village yet.

“Should Mr. Ripstein get his application in, the hearing should occur at the June 20 Plan Commission meeting. That would be a public hearing to consider a special use permit, and for residents to ask questions and express their concerns,” said Dan Peterson, director of building and zoning.

All residents living within 250 feet of the proposed dealership will be notified by the village to alert them to the public hearing date and time.

“If you look at the overall business climate in Lake Zurich, this (car dealership) is where we have a gap,” Peterson said.



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