23 Aug 2014
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Allan Kustok's Daughter-in-Law Said Alleged Wife-Killer Was 'Interested' in Son's Visit to Shooting Range

While Allan Kustok seemed "interested," his slain wife appeared "uncomfortable" during a conversation about their son's trip to a shooting range, the alleged wife-killer's daughter-in-law testified.

Allan Kustok's Daughter-in-Law Said Alleged Wife-Killer Was 'Interested' in Son's Visit to Shooting Range
A dinner table conversation about Allan Kustok's son shooting a gun for the first time piqued the alleged wife killer's interest, his daughter-in-law said.

"We mentioned that Zak (Kustok) fired a gun for the first time at a range in Minnesota," Zak Kustok's wife, Nicole Kustok, testified Wednesday.

Allan Kustok seemed "interested" by the story even though he had no experience with firearms, Nicole Kustok said.

"I believe at that time Al had said he never fired a gun," she said of the March 2010 conversation, one that made Allan Kustok's wife, Anita "Jeanie" Kustok, "uncomfortable."

Seven months later, Allan Kustok would carry his wife's bloody dead body into Palos Community Hospital and explain he woke to a gunshot and found her dead in their bed. Allan Kustok said a .357-caliber revolver he bought his wife as an anniversary present was near her right hand, according to testimony at his murder trial.

Jeanie Kustok's brother, sister and daughter-in-law all testified they had no idea Allan Kustok supposedly bought her a gun or that she ever owned or possessed a firearm.

Nicole Kustok said she met Zak Kustok at Northwestern University, where he played quarterback and she ran cross country. They did not date until after they graduated. They married in March 2008 and have two young children.

Nicole Kustok said she had some experience with firearms, as she grew up in a small, rural town in Minnesota where she hunted and fished, but that her husband only shot a gun for the first time during that March 2010 visit to her family's home.

While on the witness stand, Nicole Kustok also told of her close relationship with her in-laws and her admiration and love for Jeanie Kustok.

Nicole Kustok said she was at work when she learned from her husband that her mother-in-law had been shot in the face and died. She was made to talk to detectives before she could join her husband, Nicole Kustok said.

While talking to the detectives she said she asked them "if Al was suspected. I asked if it was a home invasion."

The detectives declined to discuss the circumstances of Jeanie Kustok's death, she said.

In the wake of the shooting, Nicole Kustok told detectives she believed Jeanie and Allan Kustok had a good relationship. She later learned Allan Kustok had been trolling the website Ashley Madison for married women with whom he could have affairs.

Nicole Kustok said her feelings about her in-laws' marriage have changed since learning of Allan Kustok's infidelities.

"I've been married for five years now, I know, " she said, pausing before she added, "The marriage you can show to other people is sometimes different."

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