23 Aug 2014
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The Deserter!

And the evidence proves that out. I can't wait to see the spin Obama puts on this bad decision. Trade, if you will, one for one...maybe. But looking forward to what we can expect, already we have the "leak" that he tried to escape, was recaptured and was tortured...it is starting isn't it. Well, we all have an opinion and I for one think he deserted because he is a confused, young man and thought he might do some good on "the other side" as a peace maker. When that didn't work and he realized he was dealing with animals...he tried to escape, was caught and made to pay for his attempt with a little rough housing. In time I think he decided to convert to Islam to save his ass because he likely thought nobody was coming for him anyway. I say he should be tried as a deserter and maybe a  collaborator, in this country, and spend about ten years in a military jail. Watch Obama try and spin him into a hero....to save a horrible decision that will cost us future American lives.

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