Jul 28, 2014

Where Are Lemont's Worst Potholes?

Help your fellow drivers — and village staff — by putting out a warning about potholes you've come across.

Where Are Lemont's Worst Potholes?

—By Ted Schnell

The polar vortex is gone, and thanks to the rain, the snow has been cleared from the streets. But the arrival of welcome warm temperatures also seems to have sparked a bloom of potholes in the Chicago area.

Potholes are perennial, of course, but since the extreme cold subsided at the middle of last week, many have start to appear in Chicago and the suburbs, according to media reports. The spike is tied to the sudden change in conditions from extreme, subzero temperatures to unseasonable warm conditions that have neared 40 degrees. 

Is the same true here in Lemont? Tell us where you spotted (or drove through) one by listing it in the comment box below so we can warn other drivers and give city road staff a heads up on what needs to be fixed. 

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