Jul 29, 2014

Letter to the Editor: Vote Yes for Libertyville Referendums

Libertyville resident Barry Reszel explains why he supports the electric aggregation and $20 million road referendums.

Letter to the Editor: Vote Yes for Libertyville Referendums

I am writing to ask my fellow Libertyville residents—Democrat, Republican or Independent—to vote March 20 with two resounding yes votes in support of smart, nonpartisan, local government at work.

Two Libertyville referendums ask residents to trust our village to negotiate lower rates for electricity (with individual opportunities to opt out) and to issue municipal bonds for faster-track road repair. The first is nearly certain to save us money on electricity; the second will add about $11/month in taxes for a $300,000 home.

It’s important to know that putting this money into our village’s infrastructure now will also save taxpayers money long-term, putting us on a maintenance schedule that will keep us from future costly road-rebuild projects.

Critical to know, too, is that these referendums represent no one’s political agenda. They have been researched and proposed by our exceptionally competent Village Administrator Kevin Bowens and Director of Public Works John Heinz. We are fortunate to have these gentlemen and a smart, professional staff working for us, and it is with their recommendation that the mayor and village board voted to put these issues on the ballot.

Neighbors and friends who may disagree on which ballot to choose or which candidates to vote for should agree on two issues, March 20. Please vote YES on the two Libertyville referendums in support of continued excellent administration and improved infrastructure.

Barry Reszel


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