Jul 30, 2014
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Zack the Beagle Looking To Mend His Broken Heart

Dog's owners lost their home to foreclosure and had to give up their beloved dog.

Zack the Beagle Looking To Mend His Broken Heart

Zack, a 6-year-old purebred beagle, just had his whole world turned upside down when his owners brought him to a local shelter. They lost their home due to hard times and had to move to an apartment that didn't accept dogs. When his owners walked out, Zack kept lunging at the door where they left and barked and barked. 

Zack spent two weeks in the shelter curled in a ball, barely lifting his head or eating, heartbroken at losing his family. Hearing his story decided to take him in, and he was moved to the director's home where he has lived for the past month.

Zack is a beagle through and through. He follows his foster mom around the house, sleeps beside her bed and is both affectionate and at times independent. He loves to sniff outside, and on walks, his nose is to the ground. 

He is good with dogs, cats and gentle kids. He is housebroken and is not destructive. He does have mild anxiety when left alone and will bark for a few minutes when you leave and arrive back home. But who could blame him after all he's been through? 

If you love beagles and want to help a dog that needs his heart mended please consider Zack. 

For more information or to apply to adopt Zack visit: www.aear.org.

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