Jul 29, 2014
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Officials: Pot of Grease Responsible for Stove Fire

No one was injured Tuesday at a multi-family building on Beau Bien Boulevard. Officials say a resident attempted to self-clean the oven with a pot of grease inside the oven.

Officials: Pot of Grease Responsible for Stove Fire

responded to a stove fire in a unit at 4701 Beau Bien Blvd. around 11:42 a.m. on Tuesday.

Ten fire personnel responded to the residence, where they found heavy smoke in the building, according to a release from the fire district.

They pinpointed the cause of the fire to the unit's stove. The resident "attempted to utilize the self-cleaning feature of the stove and was unaware that a pot of grease was in the oven."

No one was injured. While the unit's ceiling sustained damage, the unit is still cleared for occupancy. 


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