Jul 30, 2014

VOTE: Where Do You Break a Sweat?

Fitness buffs! Support your favorite village businesses with a vote in our poll.

VOTE: Where Do You Break a Sweat?

Patch wants to know who Lisle residents designate their 'go-to' businesses and services.

Last week we asked you where you like to . This week's poll topic is for the fitness-minded: where are you going to break a sweat? I don't care if you lift weights, zumba, run, row, shoot hoops, or tap dance. Where do you go? More importantly, why? Did you sign up because of the equipment, the staff, or other features? What activities do you think make the most effective workout?


How to vote
Because your answer may require some elaboration, this week's voting will be by write-in. Sign up on Patch and leave a comment below, or follow the links to write a review for the businesses listed.

Clubs targeted exclusively toward swimming or water aerobics will be included in a future poll. We did, however, include Contempo Dance Academy in this list of options:

  • Efficient Fitness personal training and boot camp, 2200 Ogden Ave., Suite 300
  • (please specify fitness center or other activities)


Voting closes at noon on Friday.

Readers aren't confined to these options. If you frequent a gym outside of town (from a chain like Planet Fitness to a private club), belong to an intramural team, or just have a favorite running or biking route through town, share those, too!

EDITOR'S NOTE: The Best Of series is for-fun purposes only. Voters are on the honor system. Please, use a legitimate user name and keep comments constructive and friendly. This space is for celebrating who you think deserves to be called the best of the village, and obviously opinions will vary.



About Best Of: We'll be pitting cuisines against each other (do you order your pizza from or ? breakfast from or ?). In addition to restaurants, we want to know where you have your car tuned up, get your hair cut, take your dry cleaning, even picnic.

As always, anyone with questions about the contest or nominations (for future categories, businesses, or service providers) can contact Editor Karlie Baker at karlie@patch.com.


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