Jul 28, 2014
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I Love Mokena: Berkot's Danny Potter Has a Smile for All

This week's column continues the look at the faces of downtown with a look at Danny Potter of Berkot's Super Food.

I Love Mokena: Berkot's Danny Potter Has a Smile for All

Welcome back.

In the last few weeks we've discussed . The initial focus was on the Dina family, living and working here since 1945.

Thanks to a suggestion from resident and avid I Love Mokena reader Sue Spurck we just might have found actual royalty in our midst. Hogwarts Academy may have Harry Potter, here in Mokena we have Danny Potter.

If you've ever been to in the last 10 years then you've likely met Danny, our true Prince of Mokena.

The handsome and pleasant 32 year old has lived in Mokena his entire life. A Lincoln Way graduate, he loves all things about our beautiful little village. When asked if he would change anything in town his reply was absolutely not. He likes things around here just as they are.

Often Daniel is out and about, riding his bicycle. It's also common to see Danny and his uncle Bill walking through downtown Mokena, saying a polite hello to everyone they come across. Meet this young man one time and he remembers your name forever. Many times I've been in or some other venue in town and out of the blue I hear a friendly "Hi Don." When I turn around there he is, our own Prince of Mokena, Danny Potter. Always with something nice to say, always a warm greeting.

Danny is the type of young man that you like the moment you first meet him. He exudes all the good traits we were taught growing up. He's polite, thoughtful, respectful and modest. I can't think of anyone else that is more representative of the values we all cherish in Mokena than young Mr. Potter.

There is no doubt at all that Prince Daniel loves Mokena. And Mokena loves Danny.

As promised, here is the contact information for .

Barnes and Noble
122 5th Ave
New York, NY 10017

Interesting fact: Barnes and Noble was founded in 1873 in Wheaton, Ill.

The Countdown. Happily, for this year, this will be which is the meteorological start of spring.

Congratulations I Love Mokena readers, we made it through another winter.
So, for the final time in 2012, The Countdown is down to 3! As Jackie Gleason used to say, "How sweet it is."

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