21 Aug 2014
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UPDATE: MJHS Principal Talks Pay To Play, Refunds and Registration at D159 Meeting

Mokena Junior High Principal Mike Rolinitis told the D159 Board of Education funds have all been returned to families and money is already rolling in for the coming year, thanks to lower costs to families.

UPDATE: MJHS Principal Talks Pay To Play, Refunds and Registration at D159 Meeting

After D159 board , families within the district have since received refunds and are once again registering—at a lower cost.

Principal Michael Rolinitis on June 20 updated the board on on refunds, current registration figures, and what switching band and choir back to schedule B have meant for the district.

Rolinitis told the board that due to the lowering of fees, all monies collected by the district for schedule B activities were returned to families, with the exception of two—because they paid in cash and the district is uncomfortable mailing cash.

“I sent back a flier with a letter attached that said, 'Fees have changed, void your check,'” he said. “We also changed a couple of the rules to possibly allow students to participate in a few more activities.”

He added that some families have already re-enrolled for activities, but that a mailing detailing the new fees will be sent to all district families around July 1.

Rolinitis added that if a student signs up and pays for an activity, but does not make the team, that money can then be used for a different activity.

“The first thing is girls basketball, they try out for girls basketball and don't make the team,” Rolinitis said. “We'll let them apply that money to girls volleyball. If they don't make the team, we give the money right back, unless it's reapplied to another activity.”

Band and choir are not included in the most recent mailing, as both are lacking teachers currently. Both will be included in a future mailing, after a teacher is hired. 

“We didn't put them in the mailing, because first of all I want to get my band teacher hired,” he said. “Once I have that then I want to go over with that person what we're thinking. The fee will stay the same, it's $80: $80 for band, $80 for choir. We've already got it scheduled, it's going to essentially look the same schedule-wise as it did in the past. … I just want to make that real clear in a specific memo to those parents who are interested in band [and choir].”

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