Jul 28, 2014
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Youth Football, Schools Week's Top Talkers: Feedback Friday

Anger over the Burros, D159 referendum talk back in the news and a closing school made this week in reader comments on Mokena Patch and the Facebook fan page.

Youth Football, Schools Week's Top Talkers: Feedback Friday

Overheard on Facebook

We are achingly close to 500 fans of the Mokena Patch Facebook page. It's taunting me, haunting my nightmares, filling my waking hours with a stomach-punch longing flinging my soul into the dark torment where joy and despair are one.

OK, maybe that's a bit much, but it would be cool if we got up to 500 fans. "Like" the page.

Here's a few of my favorite comments from the week.

Favorite sarcasm came from .

Carol Lester Garcia Why didn't we think of that?

Favorite description came from .

Mike Buziecki I feel like I'm stepping back to 1983 every time I walk into that place! Good place, dig the old school vibe and they're locally owned, so win win.

I especially liked the comment because Mike is the owner of Mokena's own . It's cool to see local business people promoting each other.

Finally, my favorite joke of the week. This one came off like a classic comedy team in response to an article about .


Jim Dydo Now if they can fill that HUGE vacant development by Mindys that would be great.

And response.

Mindy Czerniak Development by me? What? I'm confused.

Join the fun at the Mokena Patch Facebook page.

Voices Speak Out on Mokena Patch

This week saw . The winner was... not the one I picked. (I'm a guy.)

Tons of comments on the story and the video taste-test and a lot of disagreement. But I think the whole thing was best summed up by taste tester

There will never be a time when everyone agrees on 1 single winner. Everybody loves something different and with so many options for pizza, this debate could go on for eternity.

Well said, Deb. And we're lucky we live in an area with so many great pizza options.

Probably the hottest issue of the week was . One reader predicted families that might leave the Mokena Burros for the new Mokena Jr. Griffins football program might come back.

The Burro Program has survived for over 49 years. I have seen kids/parent go to other programs only to come back because the grass is not greener. In 49 years you have had a bad coach here and there, is that really a big surprise. Condemning a program and its coaches over one incident last year is the problem.

Others said there's room in town for all comers.

What difference does it make if Mokena has 1, 2, or 10 football teams? Those that want to join Burros, will do just that, and the same can be said for Jr. Griffins.

And by the way, we have been part of Burros for 7 years. Good or bad, the kids loved the sport and didn't want to go elsewhere, by their choice.

Another comment-generator was news that Summit Hill 161, which takes the second-highest number of Mokena children after D159, .

The comments are... wow. Here's the one I liked best.

This district is the home. Not any individual school... The quality education lies not in the building but in the teacher and there is no way the school board is going to cut their top teachers.

Mary Drew is a building, the teachers and students will adjust, and though there is a lot of pain right now, we the parents will also recover.

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