Jul 30, 2014

No Speakers at Budget Public Hearing

Village trustees will vote on the $23.3 million budget (which includes $8.8 million in general fund spending) on April 11.

No Speakers at Budget Public Hearing

In two weeks, village trustees are scheduled to vote on the 2012 budget, a balanced document that, all together, accounts for $23.3 million.

Those trustees held a public hearing on the budget Monday night, but heard no comments from village residents. The hearing was closed shortly after it was opened, with no speakers.

The budget includes $8.8 million for general fund costs, including all the day-to-day operations of the village. Montgomery officials expect to take in $158,000 more in state-shared taxes this year, thanks to an increase of more than 1,300 residents in the past two years, according to 2010 census figures.

Aside from the normal services provided, the budget includes $11,000 to revamp the village website, $25,200 to replace computers throughout the village government, and about $50,000 to buy a new SUV for the police department.

The general fund includes two new positions, according to Finance Manager Jeff Zoephel: an assistant for the water billing department, and a new water treatment operator. It also includes promotion opportunities for four employees, Zoephel said.

The remainder of the budget is given over to dedicated funds, including $9 million for the enterprise fund, $1.2 million for special revenue funds, and $1.5 million for debt service. Zoephel still intends to end the year with at least 25 percent of the budget remaining as fund balance.

The budget received its first reading at Monday’s meeting, and trustees had no additional comments on it. The vote is scheduled for the next meeting, on April 11, with the 2012 fiscal year set to begin on May 1.

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