23 Aug 2014
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Chicago 'Burb' Makes Top 10 List of 'Most Exciting Suburbs'

Evanston was the only Illinois suburb to make the list. Do you think it deserves the ranking? Does Naperville — or another Chicago suburb — deserve a spot on this list?

Chicago 'Burb' Makes Top 10 List of 'Most Exciting Suburbs'
Written by Emily Stone

Agree or disagree: Naperville should've made a top ten list as one of the  "most exciting" suburbs in the Chicago area?  

While it didn't make  real estate blog Movoto "most exciting" list, one Chicago suburb did. Evanston ranked No. 10 on Movoto's list and was the only Illinois burb on the list. 

Evanston's blurb reads: "One of Chicago’s suburbs, Evanston placed fifth overall in terms of youthful residents and in the top 25 for nightlife."

Cambridge, MA was the top choice. Berkeley and Santa Monica, CA made the list, as did Miami Beach, FL and Tempe, AZ. 

What do you think? Does Naperville deserve a spot on the list? Does Evanston? Any other Chicago suburbs that you think got snubbed?

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