23 Aug 2014
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Illinois Labor Relations Board Dismisses Charges Against City of Naperville

Illinois Labor Relations Board Dismisses Charges Against City of Naperville

The following information comes from a city of Naperville press release. 

More than two years after an evidentiary hearing was conducted by the State of Illinois Labor Relations Board, an Administrative Law Judge dismissed this week unfair labor practice charges against the City of Naperville. 

The Naperville Fraternal Order of Police alleged that the City had not bargained in good faith and the November 2010 layoff of six police officers, was in retaliation for the Union’s request for interest arbitration.

Prior to the interest arbitration hearing in October 2010, the City and the FOP reached an agreement on police wages and other contract terms. 

After that time, the City laid off six police officers. In 2011, a three-day evidentiary hearing and written legal arguments were presented to the State Labor Relations Board. 

This week, the Administrative Law Judge issued a 29-page opinion which dismissed the Union’s charges. 

As Naperville police officers retired from the force, each of the laid-off officers was given the opportunity to return to service for the City of Naperville.  

This was accomplished within six months of the layoffs. The union will not appeal the decision.  

“Both the City and the Police Union have worked together to forge a positive relationship,” City Manager Doug Krieger said. “We all have the same goal – providing the best service to our residents. In 2013 our City was ranked as one of the top 10 safest mid-sized cities in the nation and it is thanks to the hard work of our police officers.”

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