Jul 29, 2014

Letter: Smart Meter Arrests: 'No Longer a Free Country'

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Letter: Smart Meter Arrests: 'No Longer a Free Country'

I am so saddened to learn of the brutal treatment these Naperville mothers received for wishing to not have Smart Meters put on.

Originally, Smart Meters were not to have been forced on anyone in America but encouraged. The opposite has come to pass and it's only in hard won states in our nations where there is even an Opt Out program. Even the claims of "good" these Smart (?) meters do have not panned out to be true.

However, the harm these devices bring to our bodies, families, neighbors, and citizens is bad for all of us unless you are a fan of sickness, cancers, even early deaths. To learn that these women were treated like this in the United States of America shows me that this is no longer the United States, home of the free.

This is a dictatorship land where the government rules the people, whether they like it or not. Our country will not stand as a super power long like that. All we need to do is study history to see that. Poor mothers, poor America. 

Jessica Terner

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