23 Aug 2014
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Moms Talk: How Do You Get Your Kids to Eat Healthy?

Help your children make healthy decisions regarding food.

Moms Talk: How Do You Get Your Kids to Eat Healthy?

Let's talk healthy meal ideas and how you can put a nutritious spin on a traditionally unhealthy meal. Some foods just need a small adjustment in order to be much more nutrient dense. You can choose a different source of meat, add more veggies, or go wild and try something completely new.

Perhaps a good way to involve children in making healthy food choices is to tell them the benefits of eating certain foods (and limiting others).

Protein builds muscle and carbohydrates give you energy. Therefore, if you want to be a fast runner and have strong muscles, you need both foods. Vegetables give you vitamins that help you grow taller. It’s that simple.

Are your kids allowed to ask for an alternate meal if they don't like what's on the "menu?" Or must they eat what is served or go hungry?

How do you get your children to eat vegetables, cut sugar and limit unhealthy snacking between meals? Share your recipes and tricks here.

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