Jul 30, 2014

When Did Shopping Become a Bore?

Finding new clothes has become a tedious task for a woman who grew up in a mall.

When Did Shopping Become a Bore?

Once upon a time, shopping was my hobby. As a teenager, I spent just about every weekend at the mall. I loved buying clothes, shoes, just about anything.

Though I still love buying clothes, shoes and just about anything else, shopping has become a painful, rather than a fun, experience. I went out today searching for some “back to school” items for myself and I came home empty handed.

My desire to have something new for fall gets me twitchy. I want new shoes. New clothes. New stuff. So, going out with a goal to shop and leaving a store without a bag is kind of depressing.

I don’t shop for clothes much anymore. I usually have more interesting ways to spend my time on the weekends. But, I think the real reason I don’t shop much is how uninspiring the clothes are that are available. 

Maybe it has to do with my age. I’m mature, but not so mature that I don’t want to have some fun and funky clothes. So, forget the total teenybopper items, but no way I’d ever consider wearing “mom jeans” or anything remotely close to that “style.”

Not only is finding clothing I like difficult, I lost weight over the last few years and donated many of the items I once wore regularly. I have a very limited closet and can’t find anything worth adding.

For a woman who grew up reading Vogue and aspiring to own anything designer, I’m in a serious funk. I troll the online stores searching for something to spark my interest, but online shopping is boring. There’s little fun in looking at items you can’t try on or feel. It’s just not the same.

Yet, I am resolved to meet my goal and find something new, fun, funky and cute. I’ve decided to avoid the “usual subjects” for future shopping trips and to seek out those stores I have not considered. I’m certain I will find some new clothes I will enjoy wearing, but it better happen soon before my money burns a hole in my pocket and I’m out another pair of jeans.

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