Jul 29, 2014
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Explaining New Lenox's Trailer Ordinance

Park yourself in front of your computer and learn what's changing and what's still being discussed.

On Monday, the Village Board approved an ordinance to restrict on-street parking for trailers and recreational vehicles. Read pages 9-16 of the attached PDF, view the video with Mayor Tim Baldermann or see the chart below for more details.

The next night, the Village Plan Commission heard discussion on another related ordinance that would loosen restrictions on parking commercial vehicles in driveways.

Residents have been e-mailing the village with questions about how this affects what they can park on the street and in their driveway, and some issues regarding space in driveways have come up.

See this chart to sort things out and let us know in the comments if you have any questions.

Issue Current What's Changing? Exceptions Approved? On-street parking No real restrictions for large vehicles Vehicles with higher than a B class license (such as trailers) may not be parked on residential streets longer than four hours. If the vehicle is working construction or providing delivery or emergency services. Passed by Village Board Driveway parking No commercial vehicles allowed. This would allow trucks to be parked in driveways if they're registered to the homeowner, aren't carrying loads in the back and are less than 90 inches tall. Also, this is limited to two trucks per driveway. n/a Hearing held by plan commission; still needs Village Board approval RV parking There's an eight-year-old ordinance that allows RVs to be parked on the street from May to October. With the new on-street parking rules, RVs can't be parked for more than four hours at a time. If necessary to prepare an RV on the street for more than four hours, the village suggests notifying the police before. n/a Sidewalk parking There are no circumstances under which a vehicle may block part or all of the sidewalk. Nothing is changing despite larger vehicles having to be moved off the streets. There are absolutely no exceptions to this ordinance. n/a

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