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Klan Fight! Ku Klux Klan Clash Between Racist Groups Recruiting in New Lenox

Two Ku Klux Klan groups recruiting in New Lenox accused each other of being pretenders.

Klan Fight! Ku Klux Klan Clash Between Racist Groups Recruiting in New Lenox Klan Fight! Ku Klux Klan Clash Between Racist Groups Recruiting in New Lenox
NEW LENOX, IL — Leaders of two Ku Klux Klan groups looking for new members from New Lenox accused each other of being frauds while each claimed to represent the one true Klan.

"This guy’s group, the Traditionalist American Knights, ain’t even been around three years," Robert Jones, the Imperial Klaliff of the Loyal White Knights, said of a rival  KKK organization that distributed literature in New Lenox last weekend.

Jones' group left KKK fliers in New Lenox driveways five months ago. On Wednesday, he ripped the other Klan outfit and questioned the ancestry of its leader, Imperial Wizard Frank Ancona.

Jones said "Frank Ancona is also Jewish and his wife is Jewish and he’s being exposed all through the Klan world as a fake and he ain’t even white and you can actually look his family tree up which we’ve got his family tree which we can give y'all too and you can post it."

"It says that Ancona is a nonwhite name, it's a traditional Jewish name, Italian, and his wife, the Klan is supposed to be a Christian organization and his wife actually practices the Wiccan religion, which is basically devil worshipping to me where you’re worshipping any God besides God himself," Jones said. "I just thought I’d let y'all know that."

Ancona denied being Jewish.

"If I was a Jew, I'd admit it," he said, calling Jones and his group "drunks and druggies." He said some in that outfit had been kicked out of his organization for substance abuse and other criminal activity.

"We don't want their white trash Hoosier types," Ancona said, adding, "apparently their messing around with alcohol has destroyed their last few remaining brain cells."

Ancona claimed the Loyal White Knights have criticized him for not subscribing to hate-based philosophies.

"According to them, to be a Klansman you have to hate everybody," he said, adding, "they'll march with Nazis."

A woman claiming to be a highly placed official with KKK group the Krusader Knights also criticized Ancona but refused to identify herself by more than the name "Angel."

Jones accused Ancona of starting a fake Klan outfit for profit.

"It's a moneymaking scheme," he said. "We see stuff like that in the Klan all the time."

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Jones then proposed that Ancona was an undercover agent.

"We're thinking this guy's actually working for the government," he said.

Either way, Jones maintains that he is certain Ancona is Jewish, as he has devoted a great deal of time developing his ability to identify people of that religion in order to "spot the enemy."

Jones also said he and his organization plan to address their problems with Ancona but did not disclose how.

"I don't want to say on any type of telephone," he said. "But we're going to get it straightened out."

Ancona said he was not rattled by Jones' ominous remark.

"I get death threats from them all the time," he said. "I don't get death threats from black groups or Jewish groups. I get them from other Klan groups."

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