Jul 27, 2014
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Vote: What Was the Best Super Bowl Commercial?

While south suburban residents cheered on local products in the Super Bowl, major companies showed off their products in the commercials. Tell us who had the most memorable ad.

From post-apocalyptic Chevy owners to Elton John as a Pepsi-dispensing king, last night's Super Bowl was full of memorable ads.

We at Patch weren't that excited by the ads, though. We've seen a lot better. We recap some of the more memorable ones below, but if you liked something better (from past or present) tell us in the comments).

Here are a few of our favorites. Pick which one topped your list. Watch all the commercials here.

Slow mo Doritos slingshot baby

No other way to say it: A grandma used an infant as a human slingshot to steal Doritos from a snotty child.

Chevy after the blast

In this Silverado ad, Chevy owners mourn those who did not make it because they had the wrong car.

Matthew Broderick's career off

Matthew Broderick, the star of such films as Ferris Bueller's Day Off and... that other one, re-creates as much of his most famous role as he can without violating the movie's copyright.

LED headlights ruin vampire barbecue

Vampires, once terrible monsters of our nightmares, take a break from tween romance lit to hawk some cars.

Jerry Seinfeld brings back the Soup Nazi

In this Acura ad, Jerry tries to bribe his way to getting the first of the new model, but is stymied at the last moment by a man who need no more cars.

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