22 Aug 2014
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Have a complaint? Here are some tips to come out on top

Have a complaint? Here are some tips to come out on top

Do you have a complaint but believe the corporate world is a faceless automated answering machine designed to frustrate and oppose you?  

You are not alone. But by taking a calm and rather simple approach you can be heard and your problem can be solved.

There are some rules:


  • Only make a thoroughly educated and informed complaint. Do not complain unless you've considered the other side and you're fully confident in your complaint.


  • Never be impolite. You are dealing with real people with real feelings, and your anger is rarely their fault.


  • Ask a lot of questions do not demand action


It should go without saying that preparing for a situation is better than walking in unprepared, without facts or any information to back up your claims.  If you only look at the situation from your perspective you will not be able to effectively counter arguments made by whomever you are complaining to or you may find that your complaint has no validity.

When you first consider complaining it is likely you are angry at something and emotional about it.  When you calm down and look at the situation from both sides you may find the other side has a very good reason for doing what they did.

Once you have played Devil’s advocate with yourself and decided you have a point it’s time to put your happy face on.  Anger can prevent you, as well as the person you're complaining to, from seeing logic and reason. Plus, nobody wants to help a huge jerk.

It is important to remember that it is not the customer support representative's fault that you're having the problem and their job is to help you. Be nice to them and they will. It's okay to be firm about the resolution you want, but you should always be polite.

If you feel you are getting nowhere it is time to ask some questions of the representative.

Asking the representative what they would in your position. Ask them to make a suggestion on a fair resolution or how the problem can best be solved. You are looking for anything that can (politely) help a customer service representative understand what it's like to be in your shoes.

If you really feel you are getting nowhere ask for the representatives superior. But hopefully you won’t have to escalate.

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