21 Aug 2014
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Join Patch's 3 Pound Weight Loss Challenge!

Join writer George Castle and myself, starting next Tuesday. We'll all hold each other accountable and look good (better?) at the pool.

Join Patch's 3 Pound Weight Loss Challenge!


Why three pounds?

Because it's manageable. It's not that hard to lose three pounds. And for some of us, it's the difference between a flat tummy and the dreaded "muffin top," aka tummy bulge.

So, if you want to lose three pounds, I'm officially inviting you to Patch's weight loss challenge. It starts next Tuesday, June 19, because starting on a Monday is too daunting. 

And of course you can keep on going and lose four or five pounds, or more. Let this be your kick start.

Every day, we'll provide tips on what to eat so you don't go hungry. And we'll share tips and support each other.

How long will it last? Until you lose three pounds.

Maybe we'll even meet and go walking or jogging one day.

Are you in? Scroll down to the comments, below, and say so. Too shy? Email me at Pam@patch.com.

But if you comment, you're putting it out there to hold yourself accountable!


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