21 Aug 2014
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Man Takes All Of Woman's Possessions

He said he was going to help her, but instead drove off with her purse, IDs, phone, clothes and shoes. An arrest is merely an accusation, not evidence of a conviction.

Man Takes All Of Woman's Possessions


A 19-year-old Des Plaines girl was at Golf Mill Shopping Center Wednesday around 3 p.m. trying to sell shoppers gift cards in exchange for cash, police said, when one man gave her $20 but did not accept a gift card. After they chatted, she asked for a ride to the YMCA in Des Plaines so she could get cleaned up. The man agreed, and, when she complained of blisters on her feet, purchased her two pairs of shoes, according to the report.

The man drove both of them to a motel so she could shower, and he checked in, according to police. She told him she did not want him in the room with her while she showered, and he told her she could lock the door. She agreed, but said they would have to purchase shampoo, deodorant and razors. They went to a store, and while she was selecting items, he disappeared and drove off. Her purse, state ID card, high school ID, passport, a $64.99 gift card, $70 cash, Samsung cell phone, her father's LINK card, two pairs of shoes and her clothing were in his car. 

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Suspicious man tried to measure woman's rooms

An 84-year-old woman who lives in the 8400 block of Betty answered her doorbell Tuesday at about 2:30 p.m. and found a man in his 60s, about 5' 6" and 250 pounds, standing at the door with his hand on the handle of the screen door. He said an insurance agent had sent him to measure the rooms in her house. She told him to come back in two hours when her husband was home. When the husband returned, he called the insurance agency, which confirmed that they do not send people to measure their client's homes. 

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