Jul 28, 2014

What Are Signs of Frostbite?

Local physician warns of dangers, offers advice to deal with extreme cold.

What Are Signs of Frostbite?

With temperatures not expected to climb above zero until Tuesday afternoon or possibly Wednesday, both adults and children may want to limit time spent outside and take precautions when they venture out.

When outdoors, the minute you experience anything that could resemble frostbite, it is time to seek medical help, according to Dr. Ernest Wang, an emergency physician with NorthShore University Healthsytems.

“Know the signs of frostbite and when to seek medical attention,” Wang said. “Signs include pain (stinging, burning or throbbing), numbness, blistering of the skin or discoloration (gray, white or yellow).”

Though Wang encourages people to limit time outdoors, when you do go outside, extra precaution is advised.

“Keep your head and ears covered as you lose a lot of your body's heat from your head,” he said. “Dress in layers and don't forget to wear gloves or mittens. If your face, hands or feet start to feel numb you should go indoors and warm up.”

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